Last year, when I started to learn on how to make some money online using Google Adsense, I did several sites like forums and simple HTML pages to shelter the ads from my Google account. At first, I never knew about how Google was really strict so did some crazy things to generate some bucks on my account. After a few weeks, poof! it’s all gone! Then I started to make money online using the proper way.

When I started blogging last August 2008, I still don’t have any blogging and online friends except for Donald Serrano who taught me about this online career. He introduced Jehzeel Laurente and Marhgil Macuha to me which made me inspired on blogging to earn more money online. When I tried to visit their blogs, I was amazed to see how many people are leaving comments on their blog posts and I also tried to dig their archives looking for tips to make money online. Then I found The Guerilla Bloggers’ E-Book made by Marhgil Macuha and Zigfred Diaz. I got curious about this one so I downloaded it and started to read the e-book. Honestly, I read the e-book for several times for me to understand clearly what’s all about optimization and how to make money online from it.

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