This is just a simple and short blog post but this post can change the life of one of my blogging friends which is none other than Mica Rodriguez who is known to be Micamyx. Below is my official statement for the Philippine Blog Awards:

I respectfully vote MICAMYX.COM for 2009 Bloggers’ Choice Special Award.

She did not promise me to pay for my school fees until I finish college nor the latest gadgets every month but she did promise me to include me as one of the characters for every short movie she will make in the future. She believed on my skills especially in hair treatment but until now I haven’t tried doing it to her. Perhaps it’s the reason why up to now she’s single. But I believe that someday, she will find the right guy for her.

I can see her passion and perseverance in blogging that’s why she is able to manage multiple blogs and updating those regularly. I have more to tell but if I continue writing on this simple and short blog post, I believe that this vote will be null since there are only 10 minutes left on the voting period. Period.