I found a new way to send and receive prepaid credits here in the Philippines and even in India from friends and loved ones from the United States and Canada: ARYTY (pronounced as “all righty”). Using this service is simple, your friends from US or Canada can send prepaid credits using their PC or their mobile phones. The instructions can be found on this page. This service is FREE of charge which makes ARYTY one of the best ways to send and receive mobile prepaid credits.


There are several prepaid load choices in the Philippines. You can choose from the three major mobile network providers: Globe, Smart and Sun Cellular. You can also choose from different load amounts for every network provider. In India, there is only one network provider available which is Tata Indicom.

ARYTY Philippines

For us here in the Philippines, we can ask for prepaid credits using ARYTY Get Free Load. You just have to enter your mobile number and your email login details. Try using this one now and get some free load from your friends and loved ones abroad!