One of the most played Facebook Games today is the Mafia Wars. If you’re looking for Mafia Wars Cheats on Facebook, then continue reading this post.

This game is somewhat a strategy game wherein you need to level up your chosen Mafia character and also grow your Mafia family. Like any other games, you’ll start with level 1 character and you need to do some jobs in order to gain experience and to earn money. As you progress in the game, you will notice that bosses are becoming stronger and the items that you need are getting more expensive. This only means that you have to do your best in order to be successful in the game.

Just a tip in starting the game, choose the character Maniac. Why?! Maniac recovers energy faster and you need energy to do jobs. You gain money and experience once you finished doing a simple job. So you can do more jobs if you have more energy. That’s simple. You don’t really need Mafia Wars Cheats when you start playing the game. Maybe you’ll just going to need those cheats as your level becomes higher.

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