Kim Kardashian Sex Tape is really a trending topic in the Internet since it was first spread in 2007. This contoversial video of this American actress was made by her together with her boyfriend that time who was the R&B artist, Ray J. The video was spread over the Internet and thousands of people have watched it upon the viral spread on the web. But because the act was illegal, Kim Kardashian Sex Tape was then removed from those sites where it can be found.

Recently, I saw this video from an adult site but it did not last for so long. It has been removed also due to some violations. Until now, this Kim Kardashian Sex Video is still a hot news in the Internet and people are still looking for this very controversial video.

The Kim Kardashian Sex Tape was said to be first spread over the Internet by Vivid Entertainment, the world’s adult video producer. The concerned American actress pursued a legal action against the company but she dropped the suit later on and settled with Vivid Entertainment with $5M. The full length of Kim Kardashian Sex Tape was said to be about an hour or less. I’m not sure about this since I was not able to watch it.

Posting or uploading the video in this site is against the DMCA and Kim Kardashian might also pursue a legal action against this site.