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Fryer with or without oil: pinoy’s escape from the frying bath

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For this match, we focused on the function of fryer (the oil-free model is capable of cooking other foods). To compare the two cooking methods, we cooked the same amount of fresh and frozen chips. We ended up with chicken nuggets and nems. We then tasted them and proceeded to clean the deep fryers.

 Apples to be put in the oven, cones ready to be browned in the microwave, it is possible to avoid the fryer … For purists, only the oil bath has right of city. It is, moreover, the most used solution. Yet, hunting for fat compels, some manufacturers – Seb, Philips, De’Longhi … – now offer oil-free fryers. But can we still call a fryer a machine that cooks without oil bath? If nutritionists proclaim loud and clear that this method of cooking is healthier, what about taste? To get a better idea of ​​how these new appliances work, we have opposed the Sele Oleoclean-deluxe oil fryer from Philips to the Airfryer oil-free model.

A more generous batch of classic deep fryer

The ratio is almost double. With a maximum load of 750 g, the Airfryer is a little just to serve at the same time a table of four people. This can be done without difficulty with Oleoclean-deluxe, its basket being able to receive up to 1.30 kg of potatoes. In the category of oil bath appliances, some can even cook up to 2 kg of fries in one go. Enough to satisfy the large families … or the gourmands!

In the end, even cooking time

Airfryer does not require preheating before cooking food. The resistance, combined with a fan, produces an almost immediate pulsed heat. For cooking, depending on the quantity, it is necessary to count between 10 and 15 min if it is frozen french fries (match size) and between 15 and 20 min if they are fresh fries. In a conventional fryer, the oil takes a good ten minutes to reach 190 ° C, but it takes only 5 min, depending on the quantity of fries and their size, for cooking.

Successful frozen fries in both systems

We cooked an identical amount of frozen French fries in both appliances. On leaving, they present, in both cases, a beautiful golden color, more homogeneous, however, with the fryer in oil bath. In the mouth, even without added fat, the potato is crispy on the outside. Recognize, however, that it is less crisp than with the standard cooking mode. Inside, it is softer and softer with oil cooking. A very slight advantage, therefore, for the latter.

Oil bath for freshly cut chips

For the cooking of fresh fries, the result is without appeal: the oil bath suits them better. With the Airfryer, we are far from the taste of a fry worthy of the name, despite the addition of a tablespoon of oil, as recommended in the instructions. The exterior is less crisp; The flesh, dry – a little like that of a potato in papillote: it is especially the flavors of the potato that stand out because they are not masked by the fat. In conclusion, to make real fries, nothing better than the oil bath, even if you eat less often for health reasons or to keep the line.

Nuggets and nems, best oil-free

We then wanted to know how our two fryers would behave when cooking chicken nuggets and nems. And there, the trend is reversed. If we prefer fries cooked with oil, the fat is far from being necessary for these two foods. In oil-free cooking mode, the nems rice crepe crisps well and the flavor of the various ingredients stands out better. Same finding for nuggets, which are not impregnated with cooking oil are much more digestible. In short, a good point for the Philips fryer. Note that it is possible to install a food separator in the basket of this model, which allows to cook simultaneously two different dishes.

Against the odors of frying, no miracle!

The pleasure of enjoying a good plate of French fries is a bit spoiled by the unpleasant odor of frying that is encrusted in the apartment. No oil, no odors! “He said. This is not entirely true. However, a smell is evident from the Airfryer, but it is less heavy than that of hot oil. It comes closer to the one you can feel when baking oven fries.
With the Oleoclean-deluxe of Seb, it is – almost – the usual hell of classic cooking in oil. Despite the imaginative efforts of manufacturers to design processes that filter the odor of hot oil, the results are a little disappointing. Of course, once the potatoes are immersed in their oil bath and the lid closed, the carbon filter retains most of the effluvia. During the cooking, it is therefore quite tolerable, nothing to do with the open models, copies of the professional fryers of the world of the restoration. Only, when the fries are cooked, you have to open the lid to recover them. At that moment, a cloud mixing steam with the odor of hot oil escapes in one fell swoop. It is better to put the fryer under the hood, in front of the open window, or even on the balcony, in order to remove these fumes.
The odors also come from the carbonized residues left in the oil bath. Seb has therefore devised a filtration system. The contents of the tank are emptied into a reservoir placed beneath the latter. The retained residues thus withdraw very easily. It is then sufficient to return the filtered oil to the fryer.

Dishwasher safe

There is nothing more tedious than cleaning a deep fryer. Fortunately, manufacturers have made significant progress in this area. On Seb’s oil-bath model, the tank, lid, filter and basket can be dishwasher safe, as is the drain tank. So we followed the manufacturer’s instructions and started a machine wash cycle. It is clear that the result is not very satisfactory. If the lid and the filter protrude fairly clean, the parts that are really exposed to the fat will keep traces of them. To do this, you must either run a second wash cycle or clean the excess oil by hand.
This problem obviously does not arise with the Airfryer since the cooking is done without addition of fat, or so little. A single cycle is enough for a good cleaning, of the basket only, the other elements not dismantling.

The price of oil-free technology

The purchase price of the fryers retained in this match is almost double! The Seb, oil bath, costs 100 €, against 199 € for the Airfryer, without oil. This is also true for the other models of each category available for sale. To make the comparison fair, consider the costs associated with regular changes of 2 l oil (about every 15 uses) and odor filters (after about 80 cooking). Finally, the difference in price is not so important, especially since we find the Philips cheaper on the Internet. Fore more details mira la página ahora!

Buy the best coffee capsules – pinoy blog

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A coffee capsule offers a fast, easy way to make your morning coffee. Find out how to choose the best type for you.

The nespresso compatible pods singapore popular because they offer the most uncomplicated fastest route to a home espresso. But the coffee you choose determines what coffee you can use, and prices can vary considerably, so it is worth doing your research before buying.

Coffee fans might argue that the use of a coffee capsule is cheating on her way to a cup of coffee, but you can not deny its appeal if you are short of time or patience. Instead of faffing around with weak coffee, simply pop a pre-packaged capsule capsule coffee or the coffee, press a button, and about 30 seconds after your espresso is ready. Brands such as Nespresso capsules often only be used in specific coffee, however, so use our guide to find out more about the different brands of coffee capsule and what they offer. I just want to know what the best coffee capsules? Go to our Best Buy coffee capsule review to find models make the tastiest espresso and cappuccino. How much I have to spend to get a decent coffee capsules coffee? If you are looking for a simple model that can make espresso then you should not have to spend more than € 100. In fact, we have discovered some coffee coffee capsules from Best Buy that cost less than £ 50. If you want to be able to make cappuccinos, it is very likely have to spend around £ 130 for a model that can froth milk. Most coffee capsules cost less than 150 €, but some can cost over £ 400.

More expensive models are usually made of high quality materials in a luxurious finish. They can offer more flexibility in the choice of drinks you can make – as well as memorizing preferences – but often the capsule system is exactly the same as cheaper models of the same brand.


Coffee capsules : pros and cons of the capsule coffee – also known as coffee pod – they are easy to use and clean, very convenient and usually cheaper bought in advance than other types of coffee. However, they can be more expensive in the long run. Most only have one type of capsule or pod (eg, Dolce Gusto, Nespresso, Tassimo) and, despite offering a range of varieties of coffee, which is generally limited to the options they provide. What’s more, the coffee you get from a coffee capsule is expensive compared to other methods of brewing at home. Making a single cup of a capsule brand can cost from 23c to 50c – while a typical espresso made with ground coffee is around 7c. If you are a fan of cappuccinos and lattes, look out for a coffee capsule that comes bundled with milk frother, such as Nespresso Aeroccino or Dualit Cino (these can also be purchased separately). Some brands such as Tassimo and Dolce Gusto, capsules use milk to make milk drinks. This usually requires the use of two capsules in the drink, so do not forget to work this into your budget. Pros: Generally, small, light and affordable. Convenient, free of clutter and little maintenance necessary. You can have a lot of different flavor options to deliver at once (with capsules). Cons: Tied to a capsule brand. Compatible capsules do not always work. Some capsules are not available in supermarkets. Expensive compared to the use of ground coffee. If you are in search of a coffee capsules, you can compare test results of all the different coffee capsules using the filters on the recommendations of the coffee. Dolce Gusto, Tassimo Nespresso or? There are five key brands to choose from : Dolce Gusto, Illy, Lavazza, Nespresso and Tassimo. Dualit also make capsules as well as capsules compatible with Nespresso. Most brands offer a range of capsules coffee capsules, on the basis of different roasts and origins of bean. You can expand dairy coffee by buying the coffee with milk frother, or purchase a separate vaporizer. Dolce Gusto Tassimo coffee and tend to have a smaller selection roast coffee, but offer a wider range of different drinks, including coffee flavors-luxury store such as caramel macchiato – and even coffee drinks as tea and hot chocolate.


If you are looking for more varied choices of hot drinks, these brands may be for you. Brands coffee capsule coffee machine capsule brands are often made by several manufacturers. For example, Nespresso coffee are made by DeLonghi, KitchenAid Magimix and and Dolce Gusto by Krups and Delonghi. These brands tend to do slightly different versions of the same model – nozzle design or different color, for example. If you are interested in buying a coffee capsule or pod, take a look at our return from the first three best Nespresso machine to see our selection of the best coffee of Nespresso, as well as alternative high score using Dolce Gusto, Illy, Lavazza and Tassimo capsules. You can also use the recommendations of the coffee to find the top scoring models using a certain type of capsule or find they are the best brands of coffee using our guide.