This would probably be the longest blogging break which I will experience since I started blogging. Starting tomorrow, January 13, I will be off to my online world and will start to study and prepare for our upcoming preliminary examinations. I really need to prepare for this one since our 2nd semester is harder than [...]

2008 has been a very good year for the JuanDerPul PINOY and Mr. JuanDerPul, the blogger. This year is a memorable one for this blog and my career as a blogger since I started blogging just August in 2008 and this blog (with a .com domain) started only in October of the same year.
This last [...]

I was surprised when I checked my Adsense account last week. I really can’t believe to what I’ve seen on my monitor screen! It was the highest earning I ever received from Google in just one day. $13.90 – that was the exact amount I received from Google on November 07, 2008. But due to [...]

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