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Today, October 29, is the most JuanDerPul day of year 2008 life. I am now ** years old! Who can guess?!
Well, I just made this article to inform everyone about this JuanDerPul day of mine, but I hope that this would really be a JuanDerPul day for me. I started my day with a prayer. [...]

Have you ever heard of PDA?! Yeah, I know there are many things which stand for PDA. For some, PDA means Philippine Dental Association. For the techies, PDA is for Personal Digital Assistant. But what does this PDA really mean?!
PDA, according to the Filipinos, stands for Public Display of Affection. This is also a common [...]

“SIPSIP” – This is common to Filipinos especially those who are in search for a higher authority. Or maybe, just to keep in close contact with a higher authority for a sellfish desire.
But what does this “SIPSIP” really mean?!
This is not the way of drinking using a straw! We’re talking about the attitude common to [...]

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