The 5 key benefits of video marketing

Every day there are more companies who are discovering the benefits of marketing their products through online video. And there are many reasons – has become a marketing tool economical, powerful and effective, not to mention also of easy distribution, through social networks. If you’re still not convinced, then read the 5 main advantages of video marketing will bring to your business.

1 SEO improves and increases the traffic to your business website

Major search engines give more value to the video than text content. If your website has a video and an item with the same key words, you still have more chances that your video better position when performing a search on that content.Using video for your marketing efforts, you will achieve a better classification when your potential customers are looking for you.

Visit your website time will also increase exponentially since users are more predisposed to watch a video where is present a product than to read about it.

2. highest quality and reliability in the transmission of information

We are sure that if you present a product or service through video, you can display aspects that would be impossible to explain in text, remember that there is more likely that a user reverse two minutes of your time watching a video demonstration that reading a long text. Remember, also, that the presentation of the video should be simple and understandable.

According to the Online Publishers Association, 80% of internet users recall seeing a video ad on any of the web pages you have visited the last 30 days and 26% of these are looking for more information about the product or service advertised.

3. viral effect through social networks

Because social networks allow you to share links of interest, if your video is interesting or valuable to the user, you have a high percentage of possibilities that this share it with your contacts so they can also see it. Remember that it is always more likely to share a video to an article. Your message will be free to attract potential new customers.

4. customized user experiences you offer

Thanks to the video you can guide your users visit your website as if it were a physical store. Videos put a face to your business online and the user feels more comfortable and confident in their purchase process.

According to a study of youtube video Calgary: 90% of users confirm that the video was useful and key in your purchasing decision. It is shown retailers that have video content on your website selling online more than those who do not. Through video marketing helps explain all the details of a product or service in a simple and clear way, strengthens the brand image and improves customer service, also do not forget that a video can be played as many times as you want if some data is not clear input.

5. a very cost effective and economical marketing tool

Today the creation of videos has ceased to be complicated and it might be an automated process that does not involve the participation of too many people or high costs. Thanks to their relationship cost/benefit provides a very high ROI to your business.

Video marketing is the best way of communication with a potential client and one of the most effective ways to make marketing your business and generating more business.

The most anticipated movies of 2015

Imágenes de Cincuenta Sombras de Grey, Vengadores: La Era de Ultrón, Jurassic World y Fast and Furious 7

It runs out the first month of 2015 but awards season that will culminate on February 22 with the delivery of the Oscars, in addition to the peculiar Spanish calendar of releases (conditioned among other factors precisely by these awards), maintain conversation in 2014 films. Taking advantage of that tomorrow comes ‘Black Hat’, firstremarkable novelty of this year, youtubeonfire brings you a review of the most important films of 2015.


It will be an exciting year of cinema. One of the most interesting questions will bechecking how to resolve the collision of blockbuster movies aimed at sweeping tovictory at box office; There isn’t enough cake for all (Steven Spielberg and GeorgeLucas predicted a crisis in Hollywood by the increase of blockbusters). Then you have the first part of a list of the 30 most anticipated releases until the end of year(created by Movie Tube):

‘Jupiter Ascending’


‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

You are supposed to have fifty shades of grey PDF download before you watch it, that could help yo understand its content more thoroughly.



‘Fast and Furious 7′


‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’


‘Mad Max: Fury Road’


‘ Tomorrowland: the world of tomorrow


‘Jurassic World’


Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2009


Last night, the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2009 were awarded at the Forum Hall of C*$*** Filipino, PIRC Bldg., Paranaque City. Below are the winners for this year’s Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs. Congratulations!

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Here are my Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009:

1. Patay Gutom
2. Batang Lakwatsero
3. New Media Philippines
4. The Thirsty Blogger
5. Adaphobic
6. Let’s Go Sago!
7. Good Times Manila
8. Writing To Exhale
9. Bryan Karl
10. Millionaire Acts

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